Sunday, 20 September 2009

TV Drama

1. When I started Media Studies I thought it would be about watching films and analysing them.
2. However now i realise its not just about film, its also about tv, drama, magazines and newspapers, and you have to analyse the text, the camera angles, the sound and the messages behind them, and why they are like they are.
3. I think I was particularly good at the story board, as you could show the story through pictures with some writing, and I did clear drawings with labels to say what was happening, and I then wrote an evaluation about the lighting, angles, camera and sound.
4. Though I think I was quite bad at evaluating the camera angles and which type of camera was used to get that particular shot.
5. From watching the Casino Royale dvd I learnt how they edit the sound in and how they insert the music. And that if they put music into the background of a scene, and they then cut bits out of that scene to make it shorter, they must cut bits out of the music to make it the same length. I also learnt that the stunt sounds are all put in after, and that they are not real sounds.
6. In Gone Fishing I thought the camera angles were especially good in the way they made it look as though there was a dangerous fish but you never saw it, but you knew it was dangerous from the ripples in the water, and the facial expressions of the people who saw it, as well as the sound of it.

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