Tuesday, 30 March 2010



You need to aim for level 3. Research into your target audience needs to be improved with pie charts and percentages, and explanations what these results tell you. Your photography and video needs to have clear work on shotlists and video, well illustrated in themselves and posted on the blog.

At level 2 you’ve achieved only basic research, especially on the target audience, and basic organisation of photography. There isn’t anything on video and you haven’t got a video on the site.

Your other site isn’t visible, and that needs to be found and given to me.

The mark you would get for this is at the basic level - 7, barely a pass, and I know you can do much better than this!


Understanding of forms and conventions is OK, but the site doesn’t lend itself to an evaluation that show you understand the role and use of new media: there isn’t any evaluation of the effect of your video - well, because there isn’t one. The survey isn’t completed with results. Your write up has no supporting evidence! You have used technology and ICT in the presentation. At them moment this stands at 8 marks! Please do everything you can to bring it up to a complete level 2, or you will do yourself an injustice!

The site itself would achieve about 18 marks. Unfortunately, you would have 15 marks taken from your total out of 100, because your preliminary site isn’t there, so your total out of 100 would be 18. You won't pass with this mark. You have work to do! Attendance has been one of the problems for both you and Charlie, so please get what you need to do, done.

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